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Teaching Bio

Jan Caruana has taught in class rooms and board rooms across the country. Hundreds of improvisers have benefited from her onstage experience and her passion for the art form. She has taught improv to students from Bad Dog Theatre, Second City, Sheridan College, the University of Toronto and countless Ontario School Boards. Jan was also the originating teacher for C.L.I.C.K - A collaborative learning program created by Dr. Trina Epstein, helping children with social challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, learn social skills and make friends. In the Corporate world, Jan has worked with companies such as Rogers, B.I/Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Kiewit Construction and BMO, teaching executives that work can be a lot more fun and productive when you just “yes and”. 

What her students say...


She is a wonderful teacher. Not afraid to call you on your mistakes, and helps push the different aspects of your acting and improvising capabilities to help you grow as a performer. Also gives good end of class motivational speeches. 5 out of 5 thumbs up.


Jan brings a wealth of experience to her classes and shares her knowledge generously-- she's professional, supportive, and refreshingly unafraid to offer honest criticisms as needed.


Her feedback is always offered to help her students grow as performers, and I learned so much from her in the short time we were together!


Having Jan as a teacher was as fun as it was educational! She's a consummate professional, and expects the same from her students.


Jan really brought our performances to the next level through her tips, support, and insightful feedback.


Jan is very direct with her students which pushed me to be a better improviser. At the same time, she's supportive and approachable. Jan embodies every aspect of an improv coach/teacher that I would like to become. Kind, passionate, knowledgeable, tough, and fun.


The thing I admire most about Jan as an instructor is her ability to give it to you straight without crushing your soul. Leave your egos at the door and she will nurture your strengths while pinpointing and challenging your weaknesses.


Jan is one of the most generous, honest and supportive instructors in the city.


I've never felt safer in a class than with Jan.

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